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Customer Policy


Coin Store takes very seriously the issue of providing its services to its Customers in the best way within the scope of the "Cryptocurrency and Other Software Sales Agreement" and "Cryptocurrency and Other Software Purchase Agreement" (collectively referred to as the "Cryptocurrency Transactions Agreement").

This Know Your Customer ("KYC") Policy ("KYC Policy") is an integral part of the Policy on Prevention of Proceeds of Crime and Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism (the "Policy") and the Cryptocurrency Transactions Agreement. It should be evaluated and taken into consideration together. Abbreviations in this KYC Policy have the same meaning with the definitions in the Policy.

Purpose of KYC Policy; To reduce the risk by evaluating transactions and services with a risk-based approach, raising awareness and obtaining information about the prevention of money laundering and financing of terrorism, and in this context, the Company's activities are carried out by Law No. 5549 on Prevention of Laundering Proceeds of Crime and Law No. It is the notification to the Customers that it has performed in accordance with the legislation in force.

This KYC Policy is applied in terms of all the services our Company offers to its Customers for cryptocurrency purchase / sale transactions.

In accordance with KYC Policy, Coin Store Capsi applies the following measures within the framework of the current legislation and other internal policies.

In accordance with this KYC Policy, the Company takes appropriate identity verification measures on the basis of each service it offers. These verification measures are as follows:

Verifying customer identity,
Taking reasonable measures to identify the beneficiary as a result of the transactions carried out by the customer,
Requesting reasonable information about the purpose and nature of the transaction that the customer wants to do,
Monitoring the Customer and the transactions carried out by the Customer and comparing with the Customer profile,
Monitoring high-risk Customer transactions and other Customers that need particular attention.
Within the framework of this KYC Policy, Customer ID is completed before performing any transaction between the Customer and the Company. Information is requested about the cryptocurrency purchase / sale transactions that the Customer wishes to carry out through the Company and the purpose of these transactions. In this context;

For transactions to be carried out through the branch ("Branch") of our Company (Beyazıt, Grand Bazaar Molla Fenari Mah, Çuhacı Han Street, No: 12, 34120 Fatih / İstanbul), the customer will be sent to the T.R. ID or passport photocopy is requested,
In transactions to be carried out online via https://cointral.com/ platform, before starting the transaction, T.C. ID or passport image is requested,
An identity verification procedure is carried out by the company.

In cases where the Customer requesting a transaction on the Platform and the branches of our Company performs the said transaction for the benefit of a third party; Identity verification is performed for both the customer and the third party for whom transactions are made.

2) Information and documents requested from customers before the transaction is carried out

T.R. Identity card or passport copy containing the ID number and photo and the validity date information,
Residence address / country information,
Verifying User Identity,
Working Status (Optional),
Investment Source Income Sources (Optional).
3) Information and documents requested from customers without performing a transaction in the Branch

T.R. Identity card or passport copy containing the ID number and photo and the validity date information,
Residence address / country information,
Working Status (Optional),
Investment Source Income Sources (Optional).
4) Information and documents requested from Legal Entity Customers without performing a transaction

Tax plate
Trade Registry Gazette
Signature Circus
T.C. belonging to the person authorized in the signature circular. Copy of ID number and photo of identity card
Residence address information
Phone number
E-mail address
Printed form signed with the company stamp.
5) Situations where identity verification procedure will be carried out

Our company applies an identity verification procedure for the Customer, regardless of any amount, before any cryptocurrency purchase / sale transaction to be carried out by the Customer. The company reserves the right to repeat the verification process if there is any doubt about the accuracy and adequacy of the previously acquired credentials.