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Simply put, and as everyone has given it, bitcoin is the currency of the future. "BTC" is the abbreviation of the bitcoin currency or bitcoin unit. It is not managed by the central bank or banks like the dollar, euro or TL currencies. Bitcoin has no center. Each bitcoin is unique, indestructible and non-reproducible. In fact, although there are many digital currencies, bitcoin was the first digital currency created using cryptography techniques. Digital data, the digital currency, even though the internet seems to be mixed today, it naturally seems to be confused to many. Bitcoin is a highly scam-resistant digital currency. It is protected by thousands of lines of code in the background in the confused part of Bitcoin.

The core of the Bitcoin digital currency is based on open source software that is regularly developed by a broad developer community. The current software was called bitcoin, and in later years it was named Bitcoin Core as this would lead to confusion. Bitcoin is not single-centered and run from a single source. It is maintained by many computers spread around the world. It is based on a ledger called blockchain, where a regular list of all transactions made on the Bitcoin network is kept. Blockchains are created by grouping all transactions on the network into linked blocks. The bitcoin system may seem confusing. However, when viewed as the currency of the future and adequate research is done, complexity will disappear. Since there is a lot of fraud in digital money systems, it is recommended not to make these transactions without doing enough research in bitcoin buying and selling transactions.